Below is a list of sample topics we cover in our training sessions...

  1. Assertiveness how to be more confident about making decisions
  2. Bullying for Managers how to deal with allegations of bullying
  3. Bullying for Staff how to behave if you believe you are being bullied
  4. Coaching learning to coach staff to higher performance
  5. Communications Skills learning new skills to make you a better communicator
  6. Confidence understanding how to be more confident at work
  7. Conflict Resolution learning how to resolve conflict between people
  8. Customer Care how to give customers a service that delights them
  9. Decision Making how to become better at making decisions
  10. Delegating encouraging others to do new work and you letting-go
  11. Difficult People how to deal with 7 types of awkward people
  12. Difficult Conversations why and how to have difficult conversations at work
  13. Discipline how to deal with disciplinary issues
  14. Email how to manage email to be most effective
  15. Engaging Employees how to get employees to give commitment
  16. Implementing Change learning change management techniques
  17. Improving Performance how to continually improve staff productivity
  18. Influencing how to be more influential in the company of others
  19. Innovation encouraging staff to try new ways and methods
  20. Interviewing how to hire the right people
  21. Leadership how to manage people to achieve strategic objectives
  22. Managing People how to manage people to achieve strategic objectives
  23. Mediation an introduction to mediation & arbitration
  24. Meetings organising excellent meetings
  25. Minute Taking understanding the essentials of taking minutes at meetings
  26. Negotiation how to achieve win-win results
  27. NLP introduction to NLP (neuro linguistic programming)
  28. Presentations how to make your case simply and successfully
  29. Process Improvement how to analyse and improve work processes
  30. Problem Solving modern techniques for resolving business problems
  31. Reducing Absenteeism curtailing lost work-days to a minimum
  32. Report Writing how to write reports that will be read and understood
  33. Reviewing Performance being confident that you are appraising staff fairly
  34. Selling how to prospect, qualify & close sales
  35. Stress Reduction how to reduce stress and enjoy life more
  36. Supervisor Skills learning how to manage staff
  37. Train the Trainer learn how to be good at training others
  38. Team Leader Skills how to get the best from a team
  39. Time Management how to achieve your daily objectives
  40. Work-Life Balance balancing work with family, friends and self
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